Account Troubleshooting

You must have an account on the following platforms:

  • Piazza is our primary form of communication with the class.
  • Ok is how you will submit all programming assignments (i.e. labs, homework, coding quizzes, projects).

Feel free to skip parts that you aren't having issues with.


We automatically enrolled emails that were on our bCourses roster as of June 12. Check if you were enrolled by visiting Piazza. If you aren't enrolled and can't sign up, send us an email at The email that you use for Piazza does not have to match any of the other accounts, as long as it's one that you check regularly so you don't miss announcements.

Ok Account

We automatically enrolled emails that were on our bCourses roster as of June 19. However, to actually use Ok, you must be using a Google account (or a Google Apps for Education account, like a account). We use this email address to associate your code with you when assigning grades. Please make sure that you are consistently using one email with Ok. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find all your grades.

First, download ok. If you don't have it already, you can download it at Run python3 ok --authenticate and type in your email when prompted.

  • If you have a localhost error, the ok program is causing an error. This is commonly due to one of three issues:

    1. You don't have 64-bit Python. Try these directions. If it prints out "32 3.6.1" then you have the 32-bit version of Python 3.6.1, so you must uninstall it and download the 64-bit version.
    2. You are running an antivirus/firewall program. Disabling the firewall may fix it. (You'll only have to do it once)
    3. You are using an HTTP proxy. Disabling the proxy may fix it. (You should only have to do it once.)

    If these steps aren't relevant or don't work for you, please run python3 ok --debug --authenticate to provide us with some information to try and solve this issue. Copy and paste the resulting output on Piazza.

  • If Ok says you are not enrolled, you are using an email that does not match the one from our roster.

    • If you were enrolled in the class before, you might have logged in with the incorrect email. Double check the email on the page to make sure you submitted to the correct email.
    • If you were told to use a different email or were never enrolled in Ok (e.g. the email we enrolled was not a Google account), you can continue using this new email even though it is not enrolled. However, you must let us know by emailing us at
  • If you don't have a Google account, you may be able to create a email account with your CalNet ID. Follow the directions at You can also create a new email account. Once you have a Google account, try authenticating again. You must let us know by emailing us at